Delta-V Experts utilise the latest in Computer Accident Reconstruction Software to provide additional elements to our Accident Reconstructions.

Delta-V Experts Forensic Engineers extensively use PC-Crash for Accident Reconstructions and Multi-Body Reconstructions, amongst other software packages.

PC-Crash provides our Forensic Engineers with a tool to validate and visualise the accident and how it has occurred. It also provides us with a means of simulating alternative scenarios (e.g. what affect bald tyres would have, what affect ESC or ABS would have, what affect a roadside barrier would have). Our Forensic Engineers are highly trained in the use of software packages such as PC-Crash and have completed over 20,000 simulations between them.

The use of a software package like PC-Crash can provide you with additional information, a way to further validate the Accident Reconstruction results, a high quality visual aid to illustrate the accident and simulate the results of alternative scenarios.

Complimenting the Reconstruction Software used by Delta-V experts are a number of 3D scanning tools. 3D scanning allows our experts to accurately record the scene of the incident for use in simulations.

Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC-Crash inAustralia and New Zealand.  For information regarding the software and training on PC-Crash, please Contact Us.