As part of Delta-V Experts’ Accident Reconstruction and Simulation service, we have invested in a number of 3D scanning technologies.

These tools allow us to build a 3D Point Cloud to be used in analysis and simulation of the incident. A 3D Point Cloud allows our engineers to take accurate measurements of the scene and provide a detailed visual representation of the scanned object or location.

This is particularly useful for complex scenes to illustrate and/or compare the damage caused in an incident. This is both useful in the reconstruction as well as in demonstrating the evidence to Lawyers, Judges or a Jury.

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Delta-V Experts provides a 3D Scanning service.  We can scan motor vehicles, industrial areas, building internals and other items.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries or wish to enquire about our 3D Scanning services. 

Example 3D Scans