We at Delta-V Experts have a love for technology. Our newest investment is a 3D Scanner which takes our documentation to the next level.

The Faro 3D Scanner enables our Forensic Engineers to add a new level of documentation. We can scan a vehicle, piece of equipment or small landscape which allows us to build and develop a 3D Point Cloud System. Based on this system, we can take measurements and provide a visual representation of the item scanned.

This is particularly useful in complex scenes, or where two vehicles have impacted each other. By scanning both vehicles we can combine the scans (based on the damage profiles) to illustrate the collision orientation. This is both useful in the reconstruction but also in illustrating the evidence to Lawyers, Judges or a Jury.

This technology enables Delta-V Experts to move Accident Reconstruction into the 21st Century.

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Delta-V Experts provides a 3D Scanning service.  We can scan motor vehicles, industrial areas, building internals and other items.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries or wish to enquire about our 3D Scanning services. 

Example 3D Scan