Mr John McIver

John McIver

Position: Associate
Expertise: Technical Computer Programming, 3D Computer Modelling and Animation, Aerodynamics, Embedded Systems 
Qualifications: B.Eng. (Aero)

John graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

He subsequently spent 5 years working at Aeronautical Research Laboratories in the areas of computer simulation and mathematical modelling of various aspects of aircraft performance.

He was also involved, at various times, in aircraft flight trials, data reduction and analysis and in the management of a minicomputer-based high performance graphics system.
John spent time at Ford Motor Company and Fluor Daniel, in both cases working as a Computer Technical Analyst providing support for the companies' CAD design systems.

He then started an Engineering Consultancy, offering services and training in the fields of Computer Aided Design and Engineering. This included technical programming in a number of computer programming languages. Development of design programs for AutoCAD and other CAD systems was undertaken. Typical of these was the creation of a parametric design program within AutoCAD for the Southern Cross Railway Station redevelopment. In this project a custom program was developed which could automatically generate 8,500 detail design drawings, unattended, for the large roof tiles making up the undulating roof.

The CAD involvement progressed into the areas of photo-realistic rendering and 3D animation. This experience was employed to produce animations of vehicle accidents for use in Court cases. This work then expanded into technical investigations of accidents involving cars, truck and trains.

A close association with Delta-V Experts was established through these accident animations. This association has progressed into engineering design and development. John has built a number of custom data logger systems for Delta-V Experts for various vehicle testing applications. Software development of an automated servo steering system was also undertaken.

Other work includes Project Management of a project involving the design and fabrication of a carbon-kevlar rowing scull. Some design work was also undertaken for a 5 metre aluminium power boat.

A period of time was spent in the programming of servo control systems for a variety of CNC machine tools. This work has extended into the retrofitting of the control system for small CNC milling tables.

John has also written a large number of articles and reviews of computer hardware and software for MultiCAD Magazine, CAD User Australia, MOZ and several other publications.

He is an Affiliate of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Internet Sites:
Temporal Images
Virtual V8
Vehicle Data Recording

Key Areas

  • Crash investigation
  • Computer visualisation

Accident Reconstruction

Specialist Accident Reconstruction services in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Internationally by trained and highly experienced Forensic Engineers.  Our Forensic Engineers investigate all types of accidents from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Industrial Accidents and Workplace Accidents.




Delta-V Experts utilises state of the art collision Simulation and reconstruction software. Our highly experienced Forensic Engineers can devleop a high quality computer simulation to validate and visualise the accident. Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC-Crash in Australia and New Zealand. PC-Crash is a 3D collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.




Delta-V Experts prides itself on staying at the forefront of technology in Accident Reconstruction and Investigations.