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Your Experts in Accident Investigation, Forensic Engineering and Safety Solutions

Delta-V Experts is a specialist forensic engineering and safety solutions consultancy. We investigate incidents of all different types and uncover the facts in a situation through the use of fundamental engineering and scientific methods. We do this primarily for lawyers and insurance companies as part of legal matters or anticipated legal proceedings, both throughout Australia and overseas. 


We also help companies minimise the risk of incidents occurring by running safety audits or by designing and implementing specific solutions to address safety and practical needs. In doing so, we operate closely with the transport, mining and bus industries. 


Delta-V Experts is an award-winning engineering consultancy which offers a wide range of specialist services, including:


Workplace & Mining Safety

  • Risk assessments
  • Safety audits
  • Safety solution engineering
  • Injury and accident investigation
  • Biomechanics, injury and ergonomics
  • Safety and incident response training

Traffic Accidents/Collisions/Incidents

  • Crash investigation and reconstruction
  • Injury investigation and assessment
  • Site attendance and documentation
  • Rapid collision site attendance

Expert Witnesses

  • Research, analysis, documentation and reporting
  • Forensic engineering
  • Court attendance
  • Mechanical, structural and product failure

Vehicle Handling Testing & Fleet Assessment

  • Handling testing
  • Fleet assessments
  • Procurement advice
  • Vehicle safety solutions
  • Mechanical inspections & maintenance audits

Biomechanics, Injury & Ergonomics

  • Injury investigation and assessment
  • Personal injury claims (mechanism of injury)
  • Ergonomic assessment & advice
  • Public liability claims

Engineering Consulting & Testing

  • Safety solutions
  • Physical & crash testing
  • Computer modelling
  • Research & design
  • Rollover protection systems (ROPS)

We often act as expert witnesses, investigate workplace and traffic accidents, reconstruct serious traffic crashes and provide litigation support and advice.

We also help many clients with risk and safety audits to assist in the prevention of injury. Where necessary, our engineering consulting arm can develop tailored solutions to complex situations.

Delta-V Experts is also the exclusive distributor of PC-Crash, 3-dimensional accident reconstruction software.

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Delta-V Experts recommends seeking legal advice prior to engaging us to ensure that potential legal privilege is appropriately maintained.


1300 DELTAV - 24hr incident response line

Delta-V Experts offers a 24 hour emergency incident response hot line.

Find out more about this service and why calling 1300 DELTAV (1300 335 828) should be part of your incident response procedure.

Need Case Advice?

Call us on +61 3 9481 2200 for an obligation free case assessment.

We won't charge you if we can't assist.

To see how we can help you, browse through the Services tab. 



Delta-V Experts has designed and engineered a range of Rollover Protection Systems (also known as Roll Over Protection Structures or ROPS). Delta-V Experts ROPS are available for 4WDs, utilties, trucks and other mobile equipment.



Delta-V Experts sells Smarty products. Smarty is an on-board vehicle video event recorder and driver feedback system. Smarty products can be used to monitor and improve driver  and fleet safety.



Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC-Crash in Australia and New Zealand. PC-Crash is a 3D collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.