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The Experts in Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Engineering and Safety Solutions

Delta-V Experts specialise in high quality, independent accident investigation and accident reconstruction services.  We are based in Melbourne and operate in all states and territories in Australia to provide in-depth and scientific reconstructions for criminal (fatal, serious injury, culpable driving, dangerous driving) offenses and civil (insurance, liability, road design, road and vehicle safety) investigations and reports.

We conduct investigations and reconstructions Australia wide and internationally, working in the USA, Singapore, Brunei, Afghanistan, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and New Zealand.

We also help companies minimise the risk of incidents occurring by running safety audits or by designing and implementing specific solutions to address safety and practical needs. In doing so, we operate closely with the transport, mining and bus industries. 

We act as expert witnesses, investigate workplace and traffic accidents, reconstruct serious traffic crashes and provide litigation support and advice.  Our work is not limited to Motor Vehicle Accidents, we also investigate and reconstruct mining and industrial accidents and rail accidents.

We also help many clients with risk and safety audits to assist in the prevention of injury. Where necessary, our engineering consulting arm can develop tailored solutions to complex situations.

Delta V Experts uses advanced technology such as 3D Scanning to simulate highly accurate 3D models and situations. We also perform Crash Data Retreival (Vehicle Black Box) Downloads on vehicles in order to understand and verify ‘events’ that have occurred during an accident.

Delta-V Experts is also a distributer of Smarty products and PC Crash software.

Contact Delta-V Experts, the Experts in Crash Investigation.

Accident Reconstruction

Specialist Accident Reconstruction services in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Internationally by trained and highly experienced Forensic Engineers.  Our Forensic Engineers investigate all types of accidents from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Industrial Accidents and Workplace Accidents.




Delta-V Experts utilises state of the art collision Simulation and reconstruction software. Our highly experienced Forensic Engineers can devleop a high quality computer simulation to validate and visualise the accident. Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC-Crash in Australia and New Zealand. PC-Crash is a 3D collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.




Delta-V Experts prides itself on staying at the forefront of technology in Accident Reconstruction and Investigations.