Saftey Solutions

Delta-V Experts prides itself on providing advanced and effective safety solutions for a variety of organisations.  Delta-V Experts has developed a number of safety solutions to assist different industries such as the Mining Industry, Bus Industry, other Government bodies and Non-Government Organisations.

In addition to designing and developing safety solutions, Delta-V Experts is actively involved in Risk Assessments and Risk Identification.  Delta-V Experts has conducted Risk Assessments for warehouses, building and structure assessments, Traffic Management Plans and Risk Identification and Control Measures.  In addition to identifying risks, Delta-V Experts has worked with various organisations to develop risk solutions and safety systems and engineering control measures.

Further work has been conducted by Delta-V Experts in conducting Audits of fleet vehicles and trucking fleets, along with audits of mechanical procedures and incident responses.  Delta-V Experts has worked with Transport companies to identify issues and non-compliances, ands to suggest and develop solutions to rectify any issues.

Risk Assessments / Audits

Delta-V Experts can conduct Risk Assessments and analysis of risks pre and post incidents. Our Engineers have a wide range of experiences to accommodate a variety of scenarios and issues.

Delta-V Experts is actively involved in the Transport Industry and has conducted Audits of Transport Fleets to identify mechanical issues and procedural issues.

Delta-V Experts can conduct mechanical audits, paper audits or a combination of both to identify and limit exposure of Transport Companies. We rely on our experience in reconstructing heavy vehicle collisions (Accident Reconstruction) and mechanical experience to identify defects and procedural gaps. This assists in identifying exposure should an incident occur. Delta-V Experts has conducted audits of Transport Fleets (both Heavy and Light Vehicles) across Australia.

In addition to audits on Transport Fleets, Delta-V Experts have conducted audits of other industries such as the Bus Industry, Automotive Repair Industry and Mining Industry. This has led to the identification of potential issues to limit exposure and develop procedures and practices where required.

Delta-V Experts has been involved in the dynamic testing and evaluation of various vehicles for emergency services around Australia and other organisations. Delta-V Experts scientifically evaluates the handling characteristics and grades the vehicles based on collected data. This provides the client with objective data on the handling limits of a particular vehicle, which is particularly useful when determining what vehicles to purchase or where a vehicle has been modified.

Additional information on our Handling Testing Services can be found here.

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Safety Solutions and Engineering

Delta-V Experts actively works with industry and develops Engineering Safety Solutions. Delta-V Experts has developed a number of engineering solutions for various clients and industries.

Road Condition Monitor

In conjunction with the Mining Industry, Delta-V Experts developed the Road Condition Monitor (RCM). The Delta-V Experts RCM is fitted to both heavy (haul truck) and light (4wd) vehicles on mine sites and can provide a colour image map of mine road conditions.

It is intended that the device is fitted to vehicles which actively move around the Mine Site to gather data on the grade and quality of the roads. This enables operators to focus road maintenance on particular areas which are identified by the RCM as being in need of maintenance.

The Delta-V Experts RCM has been fitted to vehicles operating in Mine Site in Australia and South Africa.

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Steering Robot

Delta-V Experts has developed a steering robot to be used in controlling the steering inputs of a vehicle using GPS tracking and Accelerometers. This can be used in conjunction with the Handling Testing conducted.

Delta-V Experts has actively pursued this project with the assistance of various Universities and guided students in various aspects for their respective Final Year Projects.

Base Suspension

Delta-V Experts along with Bases Suspension has developed a new suspension system for heavy vehicles.

BASE Suspension reduces operating costs to the fleets and owner-operators due to the following factors:

  • Less tire wear in the form of less cupping and flat spots due to equalized dynamic loading among all tires during braking, powering, and steering.
  • More comfortable and smoother ride for the driver (lower vibration, less driver fatigue, easier handling).
  • Better traction during braking and acceleration and in inclines, caused by less wheel unloading and more consistent contact with the road.
  • Less uneven wheel loading both side-to-side and front-to-back load management.
  • Better mitigation of uneven or shifted loads, keeping the tractor and trailer level at all times.
  • Less cargo damage.

Retrofitting your trucks with the BASE Suspension will allow your fleet to keep up with the emerging suspension technologies, to improve safety, profit, and driver comfort, while decreasing operating costs.

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Accident Reconstruction

Specialist Accident Reconstruction services in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Internationally by trained and highly experienced Forensic Engineers.  Our Forensic Engineers investigate all types of accidents from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Industrial Accidents and Workplace Accidents.




Delta-V Experts utilises state of the art collision Simulation and reconstruction software. Our highly experienced Forensic Engineers can devleop a high quality computer simulation to validate and visualise the accident. Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC-Crash in Australia and New Zealand. PC-Crash is a 3D collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.




Delta-V Experts prides itself on staying at the forefront of technology in Accident Reconstruction and Investigations.