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In Car Camera

Smarty offers an on-board vehicle video event recorder and driver feedback system. Improve driver safety and fleet safety with Smarty products.

Smarty BX1000


The following video highlights the dangers of driver fatigue and is an example of footage that can be extracted from on-board vehicle data recorders. 

Smarty Delivers !

  • 80% Saving in lower crash costssmart drive recorder view
  • 40% Reduction in vehicle crashes
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced driver training

Smarty is an in-vehicle camera that utilises state of the art technology to provide a simple black box recorder for any vehicle. It can be used in cars, trucks, buses, trains, trams forklifts etc. Plug into the lighter socket or connect to any 12volt power source, attach to the window and Smarty immediately starts recording video, GPS location, speed and any impact, sudden braking, hard acceleration or swerving incident recorded by the G-Sensor.
Integrating with Google maps the Smarty software viewer provides easy analysis of any incident location allowing video review and visual G-Sensor incident identification.
The Smarty Cam can record continuously for up to one week (167 hours) when in NORMAL 320x240 recording mode at 1 frame per second.
In EVENT mode (where only G-Sensor events are recorded) each event uses only 30 seconds of video time. Smarty can store up to 1,000 events per SD memory card. In case of an incident Smarty Cam records for 5 seconds after power has stopped.


BX1500 HD Series Features:

  • High-Definition (HD) Quality Video Recording: HD megapixel camera lens records video images with clarity up to 30 FPS.
  • Recording Modes: Either record events (initiated by shock & record button) or full time video recording.
  • User Friendly Analysis Software: Search, play and analyze by speed / shocks / location data on your PC.
  • Emergency Record Button: Activates recording manually (event mode) or flag important videos for late analysis (continuous recording mode).
  • Audio Recording: A built in microphone captures audio along with video. This option can be disabled if needed.
  • Shock Sensor Graph: Recorded data is displayed in a graph format during PC viewing playback. G-sensors record in X, Y and Z axis.
  • Google Maps support: By using embedded GPS, recorded location and image data of the accident can be displayed simultaneously.
  • Condition Check-up: Checks accurate recording and operating condition using LED and buzzer.
  • SD Card Slot: Data is recorded onto an SD Card that slides into the side of the unit. The unit is supplied with 32Gb SD Cards.
  • Video out:  Connection for local monitoring and playback via optional monitor.
  • Additional Extras: These include hard wire kit, smarty lock and suction cup mount.


BX4000 Series Features:

Same as BX1500 HD plus:

  • 4 Camera Recording: Interior and exterior (weather proof) front camera, Night vision camera and rear view camera records front, sides’ interior and rear view.
  • 3 Alarm Inputs/ Triggers: Connect up to 3 alarm triggers for added data collection such as car brakes, overhead lights and door opening.
  • Video out connection for local monitoring and playback via optional monitor: Can be used as a reversing kit.
  • Additional Extras: These include steel lock box.


BRX2004A and BRX2008A Series Features:

Same as BX4000 plus:

  • 4-8 Camera Recording: Interior and exterior (weather proof) front camera, Night vision camera and Rear view camera records front, sides' interior and rear view. 
  • HDD or SSD Storage up to 1TB: Record countless hours of video, sound, GPS, alarm and G's. 
  • Video out connection for local monitoring and playback via optional monitor: Can be used as a reversing kit. 
  • Smart Compact Design and anti tamper double lock box: Video is captured and compressed onto the HDD or SSD drive that is locked into a dual lock steel box. 
  • 8 Alarm Inputs/Triggers: Connect up to 8 alarm triggers for added data collection such as car brakes, overhead lights, door openings, indicators, etc. 



  • Use as a passenger and driver safety device inside vehicles. 
  • Can provide vital evidence of who was involved or at fault in a collision. 
  • Can help to protect no-claims bonus and save paying any excess charges. 
  • Offers defence against false fines and convictions. 
  • Safe fuel and costs by monitoring journey, times, speed and excessive accelerations and braking. 
  • An effective fleet management tool for monitoring staff journeys. 


Please contact Delta-V Experts on +61 3 9481 2200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and pricing.

Accident Reconstruction

Specialist Accident Reconstruction services in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Internationally by trained and highly experienced Forensic Engineers.  Our Forensic Engineers investigate all types of accidents from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Industrial Accidents and Workplace Accidents.




Delta-V Experts utilises state of the art collision Simulation and reconstruction software. Our highly experienced Forensic Engineers can devleop a high quality computer simulation to validate and visualise the accident. Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC-Crash in Australia and New Zealand. PC-Crash is a 3D collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents.




Delta-V Experts prides itself on staying at the forefront of technology in Accident Reconstruction and Investigations.